A Reading List

on the subject of roses. From the County Clerk (his editorial comments in bold)
The Ultimate Rose Book: New Expanded Edition by Stirling Macoboy and Tommy Cairns - Big and Fantastic. The Mac-Daddy

The Rose: An Illustrated History by Peter Harkness - Old and Used, this is a WONDERFUL if expensive book. It is illustrations from the Royal Horticultural Society. The good: Illustrations. The bad: Illustrations (not photos). It is what it is. I love it.

A History of the Fragrant Rose by Allen Paterson - I'm a geek. I like this sort of thing.

Roses for Dummies by Lance Walheim - REALLY VERY GOOD

Foolproof Guide to Growing Roses by Field Roebuck More about Growing than Knowing - if that makes sense

Roses by Hazel White and Philip Edinger - Sunset Books - I LIKE Sunset books

American Rose Society Encyclopedia of Roses by Charles Quest-Ritson and Brigid Quest-Ritson - WOW. I had to get this one used. It is in bad shape but it is a GREAT thing

Old Roses by Graham Murphy - Wonderful

100 Old Roses For The American Garden by Clair G. Martin - It is a Smith & Hawken paperback and is really very good I suppose.

Encyclopedia of Roses: History, Botany, Characteristics, Design Examples, Planting and Care, the Best Species and Varieties - by Robert Markley and Elizabeth D. Crawford - EXCELLENT


Anonymous said...

Hey... look at that! I am a resource!

I should note that I'm just "digging in" to Roses. Winter reading to prepare for a Rose filled summer. I'm not actually someone who KNOWS a bunch about them.

(Funny... the reason for the list was something ridiculous and totally unrelated.)

But hell... I'm famous now (I suppose... being referenced and all) so I'll just enjoy it.

chuck b. said...

O p'shaw. This list is for me. I'm becoming more interested in roses too, but I haven't invested in books yet.

Besides, I think my readers would like to know where the highest esteemed of garden bloggers are burying their noses.

Phillip Oliver said...

I have a huge collection of rose books because that is mainly what I grow. You have listed some good ones. I would also add the Jeff Cox "Landscaping with Roses" book - incredible photos and most of them were taken in gardens in California. Another good one, if you can find it, is "In Search of Lost Roses" by Thomas Christopher which is truly fascinating.

chuck b. said...

Thank you for the additions, Phillip. By the titles alone, the two books I would most want to read are In Search of Lost Roses and A History of the Fragrant Rose.

lisa said...

There's a concept: research something BEFORE you grow it. This would save me a lot of time and money, I'd bet! Perhaps one day I'll find out...;-)