Hot day in the garden

It was 90 degrees F by 11 a.m. this morning.


The foxglove gave up a little bit of bloom


And Cream Cups gave everything it could.

Platystemon californicus

Phacelia campanulara (L) + Nemophila menziesii (R)

Gilia tricolor + Iris douglasiana

Platystemon californicus + Nemophila maculata



Stylomecon heterophylla




An unfortunate co-incidence of red + yellow.


Look away.



JvA said...

Unrelated, but I saw a couple of Gunnera in Seattle yesterday. First saw a Gunnera start at a plant sale for $30. Thought, oh, that's a lot. Later in the day we were at a nursery and I saw one the same size for $75. Yikes.

Christopher C. NC said...

I like the shot of the Echium and the helicopter. How tall is that thing?

90 degees, kinda warm for San Fran in April. I was there in May once and it was freezing. We are expecting lows in the mid 30's again by Tuesday.

chuck b. said...

Julie, $30 isn't unreasonable, but I've seen it for less.

Christopher, the one with the bee is around 6'6" or 6'8". The other one is taller, but it's also in a raised bed...I'd say it's closer to 7'. Also, they lean and curve a bit. Depending on how hot is, or how if they've had water recently (not--the watering has stopped), they may expand/contract vertically a few inches.

Unknown said...

Hey... what's that gorgeous deep orange flower just below the pics of the California poppies? (I'm drooling.)

Anonymous said...

I love the pics of the Echium wildpretii. I did some research on these and I'm not surprised they do well on the sunny side of SF. How much water do they need?

chuck b. said...

Kim, That's Stylomecon heterophylla, a poppy from Southern California.

Jonah, They don't need any supplemental water after a month or two, although I'm sure they drank some of their neighbors' water since being planted in May-07. Once the basal rosette gets to be a couple ft in diameter, it becomes impossible to water them specifically, even if you wanted to.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chuck...really like reading your blog, and the pics are great. It really has given me inspiration for designing my own garden oasis. I am wondering where you bought your Galileo thermometer? I can't find one as nice as the one you have. Thanks a bunch if you can give me that info :)

chuck b. said...

Mine was a gift. Amazon sells it, here

Frances, said...

It all looks beautiful. The foxgloves are just ahead of mine, one bud is trying to peak out of its casing, but they are the same ones, I think. That echium is slightly scary with its height. Do they ever fall over with a strong wind, or need staking of some kind? How would it even be staked, with a ladder next to it?

Unknown said...

Do you ever get tired of all of our questions? You're very patient with us all, Chuck. Thank you. :)

By the way, my inner 12-year-old takes over and giggles every time I read about your "Cream Cups." Ick. *grin*

lisa said...

Hahahaha! Kim got that before I did, so there IS someone else with a juvenile sense of humor...cool! Thanks for the thermometer link, and I LOVE the perspective on the echium/bee photo. Prettiest skyscraper I've ever seen. :)