For you unemployed people.

A job link.

Should I apply?

Should you?


Christopher C. NC said...

Writing for compensation can be like giving birth, a little painful. At least that is my experience. I might actually have an article in a local Asheville weekly published tomorrow and another later in the month. I wanted to wait until it was real, but you dragged it out of me. Maybe that will lead to more.

This About.com thing is a whole nother level, running a website, blog and forum. If you have been paying attention to what Susan from GardenRant has been up to with all her sites, I imagine it would be a bit like that.

It is certainly worth considering and thinking about. You have done fine papers for your classes.

This site


appeared a few days ago and is sponsored by the Asheville-Citizen Times. The About.com gig might be a bit like it, but more topic specific.

Christopher C. NC said...

Then they edit the crap out of what you write before they publish it and you don't even want to claim it as your own child. More pain.

Perhaps I'll link to later after I have had some input. I don't want to go off half cocked. They's supposed to pay me money, more when they use my photos.

Brent said...

I recently read that about.com was investing. I guess here's the proof.

If you can blog it here as well as submit it for $$ then why not?

Gardener of La Mancha said...

Money is nice. As this blog demonstrates, you could do it and it'd be worth the read.

Just don't let this blog suffer. Thanks.