I just got an shipping confirmation from Park in my e-mail inbox.

What could it be?

The last time I placed any kind of order for anything was months ago.

Scroll down...

Total number of packages: 1

Items included in this shipment:


Oh, yeah. Great. I bought raspberries. Fantastic. Good job, Einstein. Now tell me where exactly do you think I'm going to plant three raspberries? The 450 sq. ft. garden is full! As in, it's really, really full. As in, everything is already planted way too close for comfort. Nothing stands on its own in my garden--everything is intertwined with something else. There is no room for raspberries.

(You couldn't even spell raspberry if it wasn't spelled for you in the e-mail.)

And now a question for you, readers: Can you grow raspberries in a container? I do have a big container that's not in use, and I could set it on the back retaining wall where a pot of tulips will soon expire. I could fill the container with sandy topsoil and compost. Do you think it would work?

Please weigh in.


Bacchus said...

I think it would be worth a try. From what I've read you can grow blue berries in a container. It may be a huge leap of logic but I'd try it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like "chuck b. of the past" is doing things without the permission of "chuck b. of the present," ordering things without his say so. The "chuck b. of the future" that has to do the actual planting is going to be pissed at both of them!

Never grew raspberries in a container, if it works, let us all know. It would be a great way to "contain" the spreading of them.

weeder1 said...

What's your other option? Composting them? Try it! You may have a pleasant surprise. Nothing ventured....

Laurene said...

Sure! Why not? You can probably grow ANYTHING in a container, depending on the needs of its roots. I've grown all sorts of stuff in containers on my back porch, including Bright Lights Swiss Chard that was spectacular. Who woulda thunk it? One word of caution: you have to be hyper-vigilant about the watering. Please keep us up to date on whatever you decide.

Brent said...

What about your community garden plot?

I once grew raspberries and found that they spread much more rapidly by runners than I had expected. Seems like an observation in favor of containers.

chuck b. said...

I actually gave up the community garden plots. I don't have time to get up there as much as I ought to.

Containerized raspberries it is!

Frances, said...

Funny, I did the same thing and just got the same email. Mine were the yellow raspberries, Anne. But I thought I ordered two bushes, it turned out to be two groups of three, six, yikes!. Containers may get tried here too. What size is your container?

JvA said...

I grow raspberries in a container!


They're still little, but they produce a few berries already.

chuck b. said...

My container isn't as big as Julie's. I've seen that picture before. I must have subconsciously known that I could grow raspberries in a container when I ordered them.

gintoino said...

I've seen blueberries grown in pots, maybe raspberries will do ok too.

Frances, said...


This is the definition of jonquilla in the Van Engelen catalog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck,

According to my Garden scrapbook of old articles and pictures, Sunset Magazine in 1987 has an an article called Taming the Unmanageable.... in Pots. They plant raspberries, 5-7 per pot, in old oak wine half barrels. Just make sure the soil is good and they get sun and water.

lisa said...

This ought to be good...if anybody can container-grow raspberries, it's you!