Redwood Valley Railway

Today, a friend and I rode the mini steam locomotives in Tilden Park. Tilden is a three by three-quarter mile park just east of Berkeley. Not a big park by California standards, but very accessible and lots to do inside. We visited the CA native plant garden on whoreticulture.

The train tracks run through a mixed hardwood landscape of oak and redwood, but also bay, coyote bush, and pine. As morning fog evaporated off the leaves, the air filled with the fragrances of California trees. We're currently in the midst of some some great weather in the Bay Area. We get these few weeks of sunny, 70 degree days every winter. It could (and should) revert back to the cold rainy pattern soon, but in the meantime...many people wonder how they could live anywhere else.

It's a twelve-minute ride and tickets are only $2 so we rode twice--once in the middle of the train, and then in the first car behind the locomotive. My video files were too large for me to upload, and the quality isn't that great anyway. If you want to see more footage, you can surely find better examples on YouTube.
















JvA said...

I've ridden that train!

Wow, "ridden" sure is a weird word.

I went there on a horrible company trip once.

I brought my inappropriate boyfriend, who stuck his socially awkward little head in some inappropriate Norman Mailer book ("The Prisoner of Sex"?) instead of chatting with my coworkers at the airport.

When we got to San Jose, I lost my keys to the rental car, and we ended up getting to that redwood park really late.

Once I arrived, my boss's first words to me were "Where the hell have you been?!?"

I sure don't miss the terrible jobs, lousy bosses, and inappropriate companions I've had.

chuck b. said...

But they're so entertaining in retrospect and make excellent fodder for novels.

Annie in Austin said...

There were a couple of steam train museums in Northern IL and Wisconsin where we took our kids years ago...this looks like nostalgic fun to me, and with much more spectacular scenery. I can't believe it only costs two bucks!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

lisa said...

Yea, two bucks is incredibly cheap these days. Looks like fun...I should try to check out the railroad museum in Green Bay, I hear it's nice.