The Grew In Sprint, Part I

If you submit the words "winter spring" into Brendan's famous online anagram generator, that's one of the results you get. Our recent period of warm sunny "winter" ended today, and we're back to the cold rainy pattern. We live with this back and forth from November through March, and sometimes into April.

I used to bristle when I heard people say "California doesn't have seasons." I still do a little bit, but having now visited places online during the winter that I have never visited in real life, I get it.

I used to lash out and say, "Yes, we do! It's different than what you're used to!" Well, yeah. It is different. Really different. So different that it's really not the same at all, is it? So I want to say I'm sorry if I ever lashed out at you when you said "California doesn't have seasons"--but only if you said it in the context of winter. Because we don't have winter. We have a hybrdid of winter-spring. At least on the coast. The people in the mountains, and in the north, do have real winter, perhaps just like you.

We were out of vodka and Guy sent me to get some more. I took my camera with me.

That's a bougainvillea shrub limbed up in to a small tree which I think is a good way to manage bougainvillea if only because it's relatively unusual.


I was just talking about Cotyledon orbiculata v. longifolium. Underneath this bougainvillea is Cotyledon macrantha.


And next to it, Dietes iridioides. This flower is the only worthwhile thing about the plant.


By the time I get home, you'll see just how common the Prunus cerasifera 'atropurpurea' really is. Most of the year it's a real bore, but it joins some surprising compositions when it flowers in winter. Might as well enjoy it when you can, right? That's my philosophy about plants I don't really like.


In this series of posts, each tree of it is shown only once!





I couldn't decide what to use. (I took a picture of these plants the second time I did a post like this, back in August 2006.)




Link to Part II.


Christopher C. NC said...

I know how you feel about the "no seasons" comments. I'd get the same in Hawaii and would be like "Of course we have seasons. They are just very subtle."

Gardener of La Mancha said...

Yes, I may have lashed out to defend CA seasons a few times. Sure, it's not snow and bright fall color, but subtlety's nice too...you gotta love what you got.