Google Maps Street View

Have you used Google Maps recently? There's a new feature available for some locations--including much of San Francisco--called "Street View". It gives you an actual panoramic 360 photograph at the street level!

Check it out here.

Happily, Bernal Heights is excluded so my blog isn't 50% obsolete...yet.


Anonymous said...

Holy Big Brother!

I clicked on an area of the city where my dad's best high school buddy lives, I zoomed in on their house... and there was his best buddy walking out of his front door sipping on a latte. Hi Uncle Eric!!!


chuck b. said...

They could do Bernal Heights just by using pictures from my blogs.

Seriously tho', someone got paid to take all those pictures!

Why not me?

Anonymous said...


Why not you?

And they'd get every street when everything was in bloom - such that anybody from around the country looking at Google maps would think that San Francisco was a sort of Shangri-La, complete with trees and flowers in constant color.

You should call Google and let them know you're available for the job.

lisa said...

No kidding, you are absolutely best suited for the job of covering Bernal Heights. Regardless, your blog could NEVER be obsolete, the pictures mean nothing without your perspective.