Did you see the eclipse last night?

I watched it from my bedroom for a bit; quite striking! I've never gotten up in the night for a lunar event, so it was nice to have one at a convenient hour.

I didn't get any good pictures, but there is always Flickr...

I enjoy the astronomy posts on this blog authored by a grandmother (and professional musician) in Los Angeles who also writes (and posts pictures) about art, birds, gardening, and the Southern California landscape.

That is, when she's not sitting knitting.


Christopher C. NC said...

I did see the total eclispe of the moon through the speeding clouds.
I saw it rise full, then about 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 eclipsed. It was more cloudy durning totality, but it did peek through enough for me to see the red glow. Then I went to bed.

Brent said...

I saw the eclipse, though the best view was while driving home due to cloud cover. My son thought I was fibbing about it, though.

Interesting how we have in common a third blog (sittingknitting) that we both read.