Garden of common butterflies and birds


Salvia uliginosa has finally started to bloom. I go back and forth with this plant. It needs to be watered which I don't like to do. So I planted it next to the birdbath. That way it gets watered every day when I slosh out the water in the birdbath.

Technically, I suppose this is the better picture.


You knew there would be a picture of Senecio cristobalensis. Let's get it out of the way.


Some day, a long time from now, Kalanchoe beharensis will grow as tall. Until then, it lives in small pots and gets moved around.


Dahlias are getting moldy now. Enjoy them while you can.


Vanessa atalanta landing on my shorts was cute.


Vanessa atalanta

We have a lot of that butterfly, but we have a lot more cabbage whites.


The white wings signify the presence of uric acid


So birds do not eat them.


Hummingbirds don't worry about such things.


The ground reclaimed from the bamboo will be much more respectable after a good mulching.


I still don't have any place in mind for the Cordyline 'Cherry Sensation', but it definitely will not go there.


I don't think it goes with the colocasia.



Tira said...

Your garden looks fresh and lovely today, with so many interesting details. I bought a Kalanchoe beharensis in SF last month-its just a foot now but I hope one day to have it as a large accent plant in front the house.

Christopher C. NC said...

Cordyline and Colocasia were made for each other. Maybe you just need one of the black taros.

Brad B said...

I go back and forth on the Salvia uliginosa as well. It's in one of the gardens I maintain. Cutting it back to the ground in the fall/winter makes it look nicer. And it does bloom a really beautiful blue.

Commonweeder said...

My dahlias are just starting, as are the Monarchs. It seems late for the monarchs.

Unknown said...

I don't know... that bird looks like he would eat pretty much anything. Including the photographer of that particular picture. :)

Lawns Birds and More said...

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lisa said...

Vanessa is lovely!