It was way too hot for a stairway walk on Thursday.

But I did one anyway. Why? Because I love you! But no guilt.

This picture captures the essential feeling of the day:


Lots of uphill! It was so hot. I felt delirious.


San Francisco's real crookedest street is here.


A downhill Big Wheels race happens here every Easter.


I hope noone crashes into the Agave.


I was happy to finally visit the community garden here too.






Lots of people were growing corn and asparagus.


And there was a nice view of Bernal Hill from here.


Back in the neighborhood, I thought this house had a fairly common look for San Francisco, although the house design itself is not common.


And this one, same thing.


Unfortunately, there was some work going on in front of this house at 22nd and Wisconsin. It has one of my favorite front gardens.




Add a tree fern to pretty much any garden and I love it.


I don't think the planting area around the house is more than 8' deep.


That's SF for you.



Christopher C. NC said...

How nice it must be for the residents of the green house to have a thorn encrusted vine encasing the stairway to their front door.

Your favorite front garden is very tropicalesque with the palms and tree ferns. That orange flower looks like one of the Vireya rhododendrons.

Katie said...

That video is hilarious! And thanks for going on a walk for us. Your adoring fans must see SF at its finest through your lens.

chuck b. said...

I like the guy who rides his green waste bin down the hill, around 3:30. I also like that so many people own costumes. I guess it's just natural for some people to have a few costumes for whatever occasion.

Christopher, I'm just glad that vine doesn't have red and yellow flowers.

Frances said...

Costumes! A way of life in SoCal as well. There was no need for an occasion to dress up crazy, any day would do. I did it just to go to the grocery store and no one would blink an eye. Or talk to you, either, unlike here in TN where every customer in a check out gets a thorough hihowareyouohinevertriedthatbeforeisiitanygood? Thanks for braving the heat for your readers. :-)

Les said...

I like the house at 22 and Wisc. also. It looks like they share my gardening policy of leaving no room for weeds. I like the orange flower, but I am sure it is something that will not grow here.

lisa said...

I'm with Les: cram your garden full of goodies and the weeds don't stand a chance! I appreciate the sacrifices you make for your readers! :)

ryan said...

wow. must ride in that race. again, i had no idea.