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Just a few pictures I snapped yesterday on my way to a double bill of X-Men First Class and Bridesmaids at the fabulous, funky Balboa Theater that is not one of those gross megaplex chain movie theaters (my first day off from school...I wanted some very passive entertainment. Both movies were okay. You know, those super-hero movies always try to do too much, and end up rushing the character development to the point of disaster. But whatever. I think I have a crush on Michael Fassbender. Too bad his character turned so resolutely evil by the end of the movie. That could have waited until a later sequel. Bridesmaids, I think, got too built up for me. Same thing happened with Ghostbusters, the first movie I had sky-high expectations for that just ended up disappointing me. Bridesmaids was still funny. I especially enjoyed the scenes with Kristen Wiig and John Hamm. And I really liked January Jones in X-Men. Maybe I should consider watching Mad Men after all).





My blue honeywort was not so inky blue this year (Cerinthe major purpurascens). Maybe it's getting a little inbred, coming up from seed so many years in my garden. Note to self: get some new plants this fall.

Cerinthe major 'purpurascens'

Some day we'll have a bigger garden with room for a long row of alstromeria.



It's been so cold this year, and I have been so busy, that I haven't bothered with vegetables in my garden. This morning the TV weather man was talking about a cold pattern moving in... A cold pattern moving in? When in the last several weeks has it been anything else? I know the a lot of the country is roasting right now. What can I say. Come to San Francisco where it's cold and miserable.


Perfect for kale tho'.



Ever since we stayed at the Parker Palm Springs, I've been in love with the pairing of Copper Canyon daisy (Tagetes lemmonii) with aloes and agaves.

Garden for the Environment, San Francisco, CA.

The daisy, a species of marigold, is an airy, frilly complement to the succulent's bulky, inflexible architecture. Plus, the flowers are constant and the foliage is fragrant, especially with heat.




Okay, I'm off for a little hiking today. You can sit and stay for as long as you want.



Christopher C. NC said...

Ah two scoops of the old Chuck B. What a treat.

Wicked Gardener said...

I'd stay all day. So nice!

Wicked Gardener said...
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