This was just a lawn once.




Don't you think a mouse is eating the sunflower disks? What else could it be? We don't have squirrels.


ADDED @nkristis said, "I had mice eating mine and the damage was similiar".


I was slow to warm to the Heuchera cultivars, but now I can't wait to propagate 'em. Three more would be perfect.


I planted Tithonia diversifolia back there just about 1 year ago from a 4" pot. It's at least 8' tall now.

Tithonia diversifolia

Here's another strong grower, Solanum Quitoense (Naranjilla). I hope it will fruit for me; I know it's a long shot.


The nursery is jammed, but I recently ramped up my seed sowing work.


It's madness.


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I bet you're glad it's not a lawn anymore. I think a yard full of plants is much prettier than a yard full of grass. We have no grass in our backyard anymore either and we're slowly working on the front.
I'm with you on the heucheras. I didn't see the big deal a couple of years ago and this summer I think I've bought around 5.

Christopher C. NC said...

The heuchera still bore me. They are far too small to make any kind of statement in the vast wildness here.

You have invited the wildlife in to the Back 40 Feet by removing the lawn. They are not always cooperative.

Frances said...

You don't think it's birds? The goldfinches pick ours clean and are now working on the echinaceas. Your madness is divine. Love the seed sowing too. Now is the time!