Fresh Dirt

Did you know Sunset has a garden blog? It's excellent.

I can't believe I didn't know this until just now.

Recent posts include Michelle Derviss, a defense of California natives, what to do with those mini-pumpkins, a perennial pepper for zone 17, and Catwoman's bathtub.


steelystyle said...

oh, very cool! I'm adding it to the blogs I like. The sunken desert conservatory is tops in my book

Brent said...

I found their blog back in February and thought it promising, but forgot to put it on my side bar of gardening links, instead burying it in a now long forgotten blog post.


Thanks for reminding me of a good thing!

Brent said...

Actually, it looks like I wasn't overwhelmed by it. However, given the dearth of California garden web logs, (compared to, say, Austin Tx). I ought to pay it more attention.

lisa said...

Catwoman's bathtub is amazing! I want to have something like that someday, even though the whole plant would be indoors.