Snoquera Falls Loop

We were up in Seattle a couple weekends ago visiting family and friends. Here are some pictures from Snoquera Falls, a fine, two-mile hike about an hour south of SeaTac. 






After about a 1-mile hike uphill, you reach a granitic debris field and nice waterfall.








It may take a bit of discernment to maintain sight of the trail after you leave the falls area.  During our visit, some of the rocks had shifted out of place and we had to do a bit of scrambling  to get over them. 








At the bottom of the trail, after you finish your descent from the falls, the trail comes to a T-intersection. Turn left back to go back to the parking lot. A sign would  have been nice!

Also, you're supposed to have some kind of pass to park here, according to the Code of Federal Regulations, § 261.15.


They're very clear about this, even providing you pictures of what the passes should look like. Unfortunately, in their zeal to tell you about the passes, they neglect to tell you where to get one


In my experience in California, most of our state and federal parks have "iron rangers", essentially a big metal box with an opening you drop your money in to.  Alas, it appears that Washington state has not yet developed his technology. Iron rangers were not to be found here.


LostRoses said...

Nice hike, Chuck. If it had been a gloomy day it looked like the perfect backdrop for "Twilight" though I didn't see any sparkly vampires in the background. Iron rangers are common here too.

Anonymous said...

Really lovely photos. Even having grown up in the NW, I have not been to that area. By the way, I have one of "those" passes, the Senior one, when I bought it at Death Valley last December the (young) Ranger said I was now proud owner of the Golder Geezerette Pass. Believe me, at $10 for the rest of my life, no offense taken. :-) Emma

Buy Plants Online said...

Hikes are one of the greatest ways to see nature. Trees and plants of all sorts can be discovered. State parks are the best for they are kept undisturbed. Great pictures.

Garden Broad said...

Beautiful! Reminds me of my Montana vacation, but definately more lush.

Garden Broad said...

P.S.-Hope all is well with you, I've been an internet hermit lately due to hand/wrist/mousing issues.

Charlie@Seattle Trekker said...

I love hiking the forests and mountains here on the west coast...your photos are amazing, it must have been a wonderful hike.

lisa said...

Beautiful! I haven't been stopping by here often, but I hope the gap in posts is from happy circumstances of enjoyable living. You are still my fav blogger-Happy 2014! :)

Angela Pratt said...

So great to see you posting again. Love your photos and the garden adventures you take us on!