minor bloom day post

I have 2 midterms tomorrow. Ugh.

Shasta daisy.

Shasta daisy

Tithonia diversifolia.


Dahlia imperialis, in its final throes.


Passiflora citrina, vining through a few shrubs.


Fuchsia splendens, sprouting back and bearing flowers after a hard pruning.


Lobelia. Seems to bloom all year long.


Find more blooms, and better conversation, at May Dreams. Back to the books for me.


Sunray Gardens said...

Lovely blooms and some great photos you captured.
Cher Sunray Gardens

Unknown said...

Gorgeous blooms! Best of luck on your exams! Study hard! ;-)

Kristi said...

Good luck with the midterms!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see how that lobelia is completely different in shape from my Lobelia cardinalis. And I like your picture of the Tithonia. Good luck on the exams!

scottweberpdx said...

Love the Tithonia diversifolia...so perfect for fall...and I'm loving that Dahlia imperialis!

Ronnie said...

pretty sure you have the best photos of the garden blogs I read! Thanks neighbor!

Unknown said...

Lovely photos--and I wish my tithonia looked half as good this year as yours does! Hope the midterms went well... :)

Anonymous said...

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