The High Line

Do not visit the High Line in the middle of the day. Go early or late, I think.

Don't visit the High Line in the middle of the day like I did. Go early or late, I think.

Even with the sea of humanity, it was still a thrill to visit my first Piet Oudolf garden. Since I am not afraid to make bold pronouncements, I will go ahead and call this the greatest new public space of the 21st Century. I can't be the first person to say so. What else could possibly push it out of the Number 1 position?

This was my first enounter with a Piet Oudolf garden. Even w/ the crowds it was a total thrill.

From now on when I visit New York, I will try to come here first thing in the morning. It sounds like Guy's job will be happy if he goes to New York at least once or even twice a year. I will tag along when I can. I think we might go in October. In the meantime, I will fondly recall a blazing hot Saturday in June.







This was my first visit to a Piet Oudolf landscape.... Even with the crowds, it was a real thrill.





Good for you, New York.

High Line, I look forward to our next meeting.


Pam/Digging said...

I'd love to see the High Line one day. I have seen the Oudolf garden in Chicago though. I'm ready for more.

danger garden said...

Love your photos they are very different that what I've seen before!

Les said...

I concur with your pronouncement. My son and I went last August in the a.m., hot yes, but we are acclimated. I won't go so far as to say it was empty, but it was pleasantly underpopulated. I could have spent the whole day there.

Donald's Garden said...

Okay New York is on my 'place to go soon' list! Beautiful photos!