The garden that I don't visit much anymore

It seems to be doing fine with out me, for the most part. I would like to visit more, but it just isn't possible.


Lots of this purple doug iris this year.


And Phacelia...viscida? Cramming all this math into my brain for the last year has come at some cost, especially to botanical nomenclature.


The Cerinthe major does not seem as vigorous this year as in years past. Is it getting inbred? I wonder. There isn't a lot of free soil for plants to self sow in. Later this summer I think it's really time to start taking out a lot of stuff. Maybe that will make room for happy self-sowing.



Rosa 'Moonlight', one of three roses I was inspired to grow by garden bloggers. Do you know who inspired me to grow 'Moonlight'?


Rosa 'Cornelia'. Not inspired by anyone so much as it was just sitting there when I was at Annie's Annuals one day.


San Francisco's purple Senecio. It has naturalized here in any shady, moist location.


Cretan rock lettuce (Petromarula pinnata), first flowers from seed I sowed at least three years ago. The leaves are edible but they're kind of tough, at least raw.

Petromarula pinnata

One of two surviving Echium pininana of 10 that I started from seed, and it leans terribly. I'll chop it down as soon as the flowers are done and the bees have moved on. I think I overwatered these plants or something. Ignored in the landscape they grow tough and sturdy and quite upright. Nurtured in garden soil, they become lanky and unwieldy.


My stalwart abutilon. Always blooming.


Okay, I have a midterm on Tuesday. More pictures and words later.


Juliet said...

Still looks quite lovely even with the "neglect." Hopefully one day my yard will do the same - still too many things in the starting stages...but this is inspiration!

Annie in Austin said...

Doesn't Yolanda Elizabet have 'Moonlight' along with 'Sombreuil'? The 'Cornelia' is lovely, too. Someday I'd like to grow a hybrid musk again... had 'Kathleen' on a fence in Illinois.
The unvisited garden looks more meadowy, but it's still beautiful, Chuck!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Kate/ Beyond the Brambles said...

Just discovered your blog- great pics. I just sowed some cerinthe the other day, and yours is already blooming (not fair)! Thanks for the tip about Heracleum in the previous post. I love Gunnera, but it probably wouldn't survive here.