Bloom Day

I missed last month. Did you notice? Sigh.

I got a few pictures in the rain today. Ceanothus and Fuchsia boliviana 'Alba' both becoming too large for the small space. Not that I really care.


I thought it peaked a couple weeks ago. Maybe not.



Hardenbergia violacea has definitely peaked. The flowers are all over the place now. But it still looks nice from the garden.


The other Fuchsia boliviana is getting all lanky and interesting. Still just gearing up to its full bloom capacity however. The Echium pininana (with somewhat ragged leaves on the right) is going to flower this year. I have two, and I think both of them will, actually. That will be great. I can't wait.


Fuchsia splendens, almost flowers.


Rosa mutabilis totally collapsed in the rain. It looks like a dollop of pink, melty ice cream.


but the purple Princess carries on.


Some small daffodils

IMG_0114 IMG_0095

And signs of things to come.



Carol Michel said...

I missed you! I like to see flowers blooming somewhere when I still don't have many!

rainymountain said...

I second Carol! Also I am missing walks around San Fran and elsewhere. I bet you are too.

Rebecca said...

Beautiful photos! Your 40 feet are gorgeous! Have a great GBBD :)

Racquel said...

Your garden looks like a tropical paradise to me. So pretty. :)

ARK said...

Beautiful! The purples are sublime!

Caroline said...

Love the Ceanothus and Hardenbergia violacea. Oh, to have those growing along my fence line instead of the retched hackberry trees the birds love to 'plant.' Don't feel bad about missing February. The only thing of interest in my garden on February 15 was a possum. Happy GBBD.

bacon seed said...

The fuschia shot with the pot and tiny blue flowers at the bottom is captivating! I am happier now that I have visited your blooming 40 feet!

webb said...

Love the rosa mutabilis. Mine did not survive last winter, but would never have bloomed this early here in Central Virginia. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Oh my, your garden is stunning! I felt like I took a little vacation, traveling through your blooms! Happy GBBD!

Isabelle said...

Your bloomings make me dream...
Glad to meet you through GBBD.
Greetings from Belgium !

Unknown said...


Town Mouse said...

That ceanothus is just stunning! I thought they were supposed to not do so well in the foggy city, but yours clearly hasn't read the garden books!

Happy bloom day!

anna maria said...

I never, ever stop being amazed by your garden of Eden!

anna maria said...

I never, ever stop being amazed by your garden of Eden!

Tira said...

The 3 Fuchsia splendens buds against the urn look elegantly poetic.