Sunny Saturday

Yellow bronze fennel flowers blooming everywhere right now attract lots of honeybees,


while the fennel itself feeds a legion of anise swallowtail caterpillars. New cats seem to appear daily, but I have yet to see a single butterfly.

anise swallowtail

I wonder where the honeybee hive is. I bet it's the community garden several blocks away, but it's easy to imagine a backyard beekeeper in Bernal Heights too.

The verbena looks a little piqued, but it's still a hummingbird favorite.

Verbena bonariensis

You'd think the hummers would be all over the Keckiella cordifolia. Not so much really.

Keckiella cordifolia

Ideally, I'd like to know the names of all my garden's visitors, but I still have a long way to go. It seems like an attainable goal in the small city garden. We don't get all that many visitors. What little moth is this?


And very common bird are you?


Fact is, I don't even know all the plant names. I think this sunflower came from Botanical Interests packet named Drop Dead Red but I'm not completely sure.


And I can't find the name of this cordyline either. I'm sure the tag is somewhere in my work area; I just can't find it. I went back to the nursery hoping to score another cordyline like this, but they were all out. Sigh. There should be a rule: when you find a great plant for half off, you have to buy two.


New leeks sprouted from seed are progressing well in containers. I'll plant them out in a few weeks. I'd like to have leeks to eat next year. Cream of leek soup, anyone?

Vitis, leeks

I'd love to eat a few grapes one day too. They don't have to be tasty. San Francisco is not Napa Valley. Hmm. That leaf is rather red. Do I detect a hint of things to come?


The ripening Gravenstein apple is perhaps a surer sign of things to come.


I had two, but it appears the tree dropped one of them. I tasted it. Not ripe at all, but still a thrill.


Katie said...

A hint of things to come - A maple on my street has the tell-tale signs of Fall at the top in a few red leaves. She's given us her notice, me thinks.

meemsnyc said...

Oooh, nice apple! It's a great feeling to see the fruit coming in. We were excited with our peach tree, until all the peaches fell off. http://nycgardening.blogspot.com/2010/06/peach-no-longer.html

Christopher C. NC said...

Perhaps if there was just one apple on the trees around here they might be full sized. Instead we have plum apples. Such lovely blooms you have.

Pam/Digging said...

Looks like a mockingbird. Lots of beauty in your garden right now, Chuck.

Mark Delepine said...

"..can't find the name of this cordyline either." Thank you for that. While knowing all our plants' names is often enough useful and the neighborly thing to do, there are times when I frankly don't remember or much care. The names of plants that have won their place in the garden and proven themselves well suited to it but which don't tempt me to obtain more just aren't necessary.