The garden of dramatic changes.

Notice anything different?


I cut back the cup and saucer vine. I cut it all the way back. I kept the 10-ft-long ropey stems. They may re-sprout. On one hand I hope they do, on the other hand I hope they don't.


I lost control of this vine a year ago. It had engulfed the deck and begun to shade out some previously sunny areas. I don't like how the new flowers drop sticky nectar all over everything when they open. It stains the deck and the plants and then dirt sticks to the sticky residue. Gets on my nerves. Anyway, if it grows back, I vow to remain more on top of things.

I found a butterfly pupa underneath it all. I hung a towel next it to protect it the rest of the way. Please live.


I'm also considering dramatic changes for this half-barrel of tomato fail. I was thinking about moving a blueberry bush in there, but maybe the half-barrel could just go and I could open up this area for sitting... Visually, I know having all these containers is "too much". It's hard to walk around. It adds to the cluttered-feeling in the small space.


But I don't want to sit in the sun, I want to sit in the shade. But the shade part of the garden is so well established I hate to disrupt it.


And it doesn't make sense to turn the sunniest garden real estate into a sitting area.


And I want more blueberries. So I'm deadlocked. I think I'll try the blueberry and see how that feels for awhile... Sigh. I'm getting frustrated with this tiny, funky-junky garden and I want to move to a bigger space! Realistically, I know we'll be here for at least 3 more years so I need to make happy.

If only I hadn't become a gardener. Then I wouldn't care. But I did. Consuming passions can be so annoying!













Christopher C. NC said...

Running out of space is typical with most consuming passions. In your case it just happened sooner. I'm betting on the Cobaea coming back with a vengence.

chuck b. said...

Noted! I do hope it limps back. Guy really likes the deck free and clear.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say, "If you want to sit in the shade, there's absolutely no way that sitting in the sun will ever work." Then I realized that sun in San Francisco is 40 degrees cooler than sun in Marysville, so I had to think some more about that.

Still, I think the same conclusion holds. Just like there are plants that need shade and plants that need sun, there are also people who need shade and people who need sun. As a person who needs shade myself, I just cannot imagine that a seat in the sun would ever be useable at all.

Les said...

If you hadn't become a gardener, what would be your second choice for consuming passion?

Bonnie Story said...

Wish I could smell that lemon blossom... nice job with the vine. I have many blueberry plants, mainly for the fall foliage colors!!!

Denise said...

That's something, to see a deadline in sight for living with a tiny garden. I think me and this tiny/funky/junky garden are wedded forever. I often wonder if I would be up to the challenge of working with large spaces. Speaking of large, that's an amazing size your cobaea reached.

Unknown said...

I searched Ugni molinae on google and your old blog came up but I could not find the reference tothe plant anywhere on it. Do you have this plant in your garden? If so can you tell me about your experience with growing it. Most info I can find on this plant are from gardners in the UK.