Nick's Cove

I just want to put up a few pictures of the place where we stayed last weekend, Nick's Cove. We've driven by dozens of times, always thinking it would be fun place to stay. It was! And very romantic.

Nick's Cove

Nick's Cove

Nick's Cove

Nick's Cove

Tomales Bay

The cottages are cantilevered over the water. We stayed in the Nicolina.


I took a little panorama with my iPhone.


Guy doesn't eat any kind of animal, so the complimentary BBQ oysters were all for me. :)


Do you write in the guest book? We never do, although I must say a part of me wants to. In particular, I often feel tempted to write something really inappropriate. Like how we made hot gay love in the bed. Hey, straight people do it!

Too much information in the B&B guestbook.

Sometimes just someone's handwriting can be oddly disturbing. Are you this precise? My scrawl looks more like the lovemaker's above.

No matter what you write in the B&B guestbook, you sound like a crazy person.

(Even though I invariably have quite a lot to drink on any vacation, so far I've managed to restrain myself from corrupting the guest book. I just blog about what you wrote instead.)

The Nicolina from the bay side...


Wider view...

Nick's Cove

That picture was between low and high tide (closer to high tide). The concrete pilings were nearly underwater at high tide.


You can eat and drink in the shack at the end of the pier.

Nick's Cove

Nick's Cove

We didn't do that, but maybe next time we will.

Nick's Cove

Instead, drank wine and ate empanadas on the Nicolina's deck and watched the sun go down.








Katie said...

You totally should write something like that in the guestbook. Why not?

The last pic reminds me of the Corona Christmas commercial. Nice pics!

Anonymous said...

Last summer, I wrote about Prop 8 aftermath in a guestbook at Howard Creek Ranch Inn (which is another fantastic place to stay, if you ever wander that far up the coast).

Matt said...

Looks like a great getaway. have you been to Osteria Sellina in Point Reyes? Was just reading about their all-local food.

Les said...

I think the guest book would be a pefect place to excerise your creative talents and write interesting narratives of things that did not really happen.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

The sunset pics are gorgeous, but the first pier photo (the one where it's all hazy in the background) is absolutely phenomenal. I keep scrolling up to soak it all in.

As far as the guestbook comments go, I might be in the minority but I dislike getting unsolicited play-by-play from anyone. So I'd say save those comments for the guestbook of some rental where the owner really pisses you off, and you don't care about being uncouth. ;)

p.s. Total scrawler. And I sometimes randomly switch between cursive and print--especially, for some reason, with the letter "s."

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures and the article! Thanks for sharing.