Garden Glimpses

I divided a clump of rush last year (Juncus patens) and tucked the divisions in here and there. It looks esp. good next to the bird bath since moisture-loving rushes evoke a sense of water.


I got just what I wanted when I planted the tree fern. The dappled light around here stops me in my tracks when I pass this corner during certain times of day. A whole garden area of this would be great. Sigh... Maybe some day.


You all have such roomy gardens, you can take pictures and pictures and never repeat. I have to get on my hands and knees to find new views.


If I had endless cash flows, I would buy a lot more tumbled blue glass to top dress all the garden containers with.


I never see any bugs on these little Phacelias whose specific name I cannot recall at the moment, but I'm just going to assume bugs are visiting them anyway. I like to think most my garden's flowers are bug-friendly.


I snagged two 4-inch pots of Brachycome iberidifolia in the clearance section of my nursery. They were looking pretty ragged, but nothing a dunk in fertilizer and some cutting back couldn't take care of.


We planted out tomatoes a couple weeks ago, and they're off to a good start. I'm pinching off suckers and flowers for now, while the young stems grow.


The strawberries have not attracted any mice yet, and neither has the squash. Well, that's very exciting. I hope it lasts.


I shouldn't complain. My garden is practically mouse habitat.


Clematis seem to take so long to settle in. Better to buy a big pot than save money and wait three years for a 4" pot to grow up?



Unknown said...

I <3 your heuchera photo. A ridiculous amount. I think I want to paint my kitchen in those colors now... *sigh*

danger garden said...

Is that an Echium next to the tomato cages? I love it! It looks sort of 'palmish'...

chuck b. said...

"Is that an Echium next to the tomato cages?"

Yes, it's Echium pininana. Somewhat invasive on the coast, but I'm not too worried about it here in the middle of the city.

Unknown said...

Always enjoy a look around your garden. You pack a lot into the space you have and I definitely know what you mean about everyone else having much larger gardens. Thanks again for another great post.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a larger garden! Well, maybe if you count the fact that I have a front yard. But I can't change the front yard as much as I'd like, because the landlady disapproves.

In the "mouse habitat" photo, is that a Conyza? I don't think I've ever before seen anyone intentionally allow those to grow.

You got a really good squash photo. I have pumpkins blooming that look just like that, but somehow whenever I take the camera out, the flowers are always closed and droopy. Whenever I next see them open, I'm going to have to run for the camera immediately, before they get a chance to close up again.

chuck b. said...

As far as I know, there is no Conyza. You might be looking at a young Madia elegans.

Anonymous said...

You do a marvelous amount with the space you have Chuck, really. I wish we could grow the tree ferns like that. Victoria has several massed very close together in a protected spot, I wonder if they spread naturally. Maybe yours will too? Wildlife friendly, that is what is going on in your sweet garden. :-)

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Great variety of interesting plants! My tree fern survived only one season, it's too cold for it here. It's my favorite type.Is that a squash blooming? Looks very healthy! I like the vertical elements next to it!

Megan said...

Beautiful pictures! Your tipsy tower of strawberries is really fun :)

Julie said...

Oh, don't worry...you will have tons of ferns soon enough...my whole back yard edge and my front planter are filled to the brim with them...they just keep on spreading.....soon it will look like a lush jungle in there!!! :)
I looked back to see if I still had a post about my front ferns, and I did. I started out loosely transplanting ferns from the back yard to this planter that runs along the front of my house...and they are even larger today and fuller! I love them and they love me, evidently! LOL! Click here to see mine!