I have to go to the hardware store again. Walk with me?

I broke the Swiffer. I think I broke it. Well, it's broken. Need new Swiffer.

(Should you desire to read my words, you can find some by moving your cursor over the images. But I'm not going to shove them in your face.)

Bernal Hill

San Francisco today. On my way to the hardware store, again.

Lonesome tire swing

This Leptospermum scoparium always makes me smile. So expressive. Glad it's not mine.

You could almost use Crassula tetragona as a medium-high, succulent hedge.

I don't have a caption for this one.

Ah, the somewhat sensuous intermingling of flax and asparagus.

Arctotis. This will look so nice when all the flowers open.

The purple-leaf flowering plum (Prunus cerasifera); SF's most common street tree.

I like multi-trunk trees with monocots like this.

Brussels sprouts of neglect.

Kathy's does not look like a boutique from the outside. Boutique what? I have no idea.

I would call this a common look for young mothers look in my neighborhood.

Wouldn't it be great if everyone dressed like this instead?

Mission Street mannequin


Randy Emmitt said...

Enjoyed my walk with you! I think this was my first visit here. Just love SF, living on the east coast I don't get out there very often.

Les said...

Love the flaxparagus!

Matti said...

I love spring time in SF. Matti

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

I enjoyed the walk(-: That is a pretty bright orange dress! I could just see those moms in that dress carrying their kids(-:

Christopher C. NC said...

Ick Brussel Sprouts. Rip them out next time you have to go to the hardware store.

Hard to tell from the rear but the young mother look in Asheville may be similar with a layered look of different materials. I think they wear skirts more though even over leggings or pants. It is the south you know.


For the fashion curious.

Noelle Johnson said...

Oh, to have a view like yours....so beautiful and reminds me once again why I love to visit SF. The purple leaf plum is beautiful. They are yet to bloom in our area, but should soon :^)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

SF is such a great city, love all the variety of things to see while on your walk.

Angela said...

You always have the best picture stories! I especially like the Brussels Sprouts! Like Carrie said yesterday, they look like Eucomis a.k.a Pineapple Lilies!

Bonnie Story said...

I love your City. Thanks for the smiles Mr. B...

Layanee said...

Okay, was that a Euphorbia, brussel sprouts and redbud all in one post? Made my day.

Anonymous said...

I loved hovering to see the captions! The young mother look in Asheville is way more layered, with long skirts and gypsy shawls, but it is way colder there. The flax and fern is too sexy for words. I love brussels sprouts. Don't pull them.

lisa said...

I think the best part of your walks is the dialogue and how your mind works :) Well, the pictures are always fantastic too. The brussel sprouts look kinda cool to me, I wonder if any small creatures eat them? (I sure don't!) Heh, walking around in an orange gown as a young mother would have made me very crabby!

JvA said...

I wouldn't let my 1-year-old stop me from wearing that fabulous gown. She'd love hiding under the hoop!

Brad said...

That is a very sensual mingling of flax and asparagus.

kelly said...

That shot of the brussels makes me want to plant lots of them for sheer goofiness in the garden. Very cool looking.