In the garden of awkward lighting

I'm sorry this picture is blurry. The Crocus speciosus flowers came up without any advance notice. I was afraid I'd lost them. Well, I did not!


Part-sun at mid-day, and yellow leaves. It must be October.


It's hard to blog in October when the light goes screwy at mid-day.


I'm picking raspberries. A handful every day.


I bought a 6-pack of Gazania the other day. I wonder if they'll bloom through winter.


Up on the roof, Urginea maritima is making actual flowers.


They look like this:



Bonnie Story said...

Wow, great Urginea flowers! That looks South African to me. We are also enjoying delicious late-season raspberries, keeping us in raspberry clafouti often - that's my favorite thing to do with them. Gazania - now that's an idea for my place and the low overnight temps these days. But, I bet the deer would lop all their little heads off and break my heart. So far euphorbia seems to be the answer here - it's poisonous... (cue evil cackle...)

Unknown said...

Funny how the fall lighting looks similar there, and here. I only wish I had your raspberries in addition to your lighting--yum. :)

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

The Cosmos picture is really pretty, great lighting. I've been noticing how hard it is to get good pictures now too. The raspberries look great.

Christopher C. NC said...

The Urginea maritima is very reminiscent of the Eremrus, Foxtail Lily. I think it even comes in a white.

Annie in Austin said...

Shade at midday here, too., Chuck. For me, it can feel sort of magical to be in the shadows, looking at the flowers... but the camera doesn't pick that up. Photos just come out weird.

Glad you enjoy your raspberries - only come in packages here.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Katie said...

You and Carri are showing me so many new things/plants.

Frances said...

It all seems wonderful, not weird at all to me. We are getting a couple of raspberries a day, eating on the spot, more golds, a few reds just planted this year. Raspberries were an excellent idea. Our C. speciosus popped up too, seems later and I thought the voles had eaten them. The Saffron ones are just peeking up and we had already harvested them at this time last year. Thought the voles got them too. Want some mums?

Town Mouse said...

Very pretty! And with the storm coming on Monday, you'll be glad you took the pictures, even if the light wasn't perfect.