Presidents Day Garden

This morning, the view out front:


Out back:


This weekend this happened (pea-sized hail if you can't tell):

(That's my high-pitched kitty voice. I don't really talk like that.)

While inside, it was like this:

Down in the garden, the big story is 3.3" of rain in 2.5 days.


That brings the rainfall total in my back 40 up to 10.075" since the current rain year began on July 1, 2008. So San Francisco is not a desert this year.



The sun came out a little bit.




Even plants next to the north-facing wall are getting some light now.


Cantua buxifolia

Cantua buxifolia

I'm very excited to see that Bartlettina sordida will bloom this year. It didn't last year because of storm damage.

Bartlettina sordida

I came out yesterday during the storm and tipped some of the bamboo which was swinging wildly into the neighbor's air space.


Long overdue pruning.


Today I planted out bronze fennel

Foeniculum vulgare

and Hooker's evening primrose.

Oenothera hookeri

I was tempted to plant out Petromarula pinnata seedlings too, but decided to wait. These seedlings were struggling until I gave them some Miracle Gro about two weeks ago. Now they seem vigorous, but I'm going to wait until they get a little potbound, just to be sure.

Petromarula pinnata seedlings

That's pretty much all I have for you. I planted this little calla I "gave" Guy for Valentine's Day.


The kittens were loving it.


Just as I finish this blog post, it's raining again.


Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

As usual everything looks so good! What is that flowering vine?

chuck b. said...

The passionflower? The cv name is 'Victoria'. A souvenir I bought at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden.

Christopher C. NC said...

Hooray for rain. We got snow. Then there will be some more rain. Then snow, maybe a little sleet and a low of 16.

That Miss Penny sure didn't learn her lesson did she?

chuck b. said...

She is such a bad girl! We have to be eternally vigilant. I'm always reminding Guy that he picked her out. Miss Patty has never caused us any trouble.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I hope your cala-loving kitty is O.K.!

chuck b. said...

Thank you--she's fine. I did not allow her to have at it for very long.

She loves greens, and comes running for spinach. She will also bite and lick apricots and tomatoes.

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

Yay for rain! We were also pelleted with hail! I am so excited because the water is flowing here again. The little creeks are running and the ponds are filling up!!! More rain is coming I hear so that is even better news for us north staters!!! Your garden looks wonderful as usual!!!! The kitties look very pleased with the new plant!!!(-: Funny how our fur babies think everything is for them huh?(-:

chuck b. said...

Hurray for running creeks! Love them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for reminding me I would like to plant some bronze fennel! Love that view of the palm tree out in front of your home.

chuck b. said...

Believe it or not, bronze fennel is the plant I'm most excited about having in my garden this year. I have high hopes.

Les said...

Bronze Fennel is something I have every year as well. I like how it pops up here and there. If I don't like where it seeded, it gets moved - or eaten.

Michelle said...

Love your kitties! I had cabin-fevered cats (not to mention a couple of humans) this rainy weekend too. (yeah rain!)My Cantua has started to bloom, it took me by surprise. Your garden is looking lush and beautiful. This is one rambling comment, the caffeine hasn't kicked in yet.

chuck b. said...

Les--I'm looking forward to eating some of this fennel too.

Michelle--Your Cantua is blooming already?! Wow! Mine is very new. I planted it last summer from a 4" pot and it's already 6' tall. I have the pink 'Hot Pants' and the yellow one too, but the yellow one is still in a pot. My coffee hasn't kicked in yet either. In fact, I haven't even made the coffee yet. Should go do that now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck, big news on the rain front, right? No more severe drought, or just a little bit of a help. Your kitties are wild and crazy, how fun. All ours do is sleep, but they are a little older. Duds, actually. I was too heavy handed with the bronze fennel seed, it is thick as grass in the pot and I haven't thinned it, hoping to plant it out in clumps, kind of, soon. Still too cold yet for anything to be transplanted. The greenhouse is full to the brim. Your view is spectacular!

chuck b. said...

Another 1.1 inches (currently on the way to 1.2 inches) fell just since I emptied the rain gauge yesterday. I wish I had another rain barrel or three.

We're at such a huge rainfall deficit, we still need 5-10 inches more. It seems like we could very well get it.

Jon said...

Loved the bottom photo of your brown kitty watching the gray one nibble on that calla. Their expressions are delightful. You could run a caption contest on that particular photo.

Glad y'all are getting some much needed rain. Our relatives in Richmond, CA are so pleased and I know you are also.

Jon at Mississippi Garden

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

Well the pressed duck did it for me. Yikes! Poor thing. If you go to my blog and see my little hen you will feel like I did. She wouldn't like being pressed...(-: She does however like being hugged and a kiss or two is fine with her too. Eww and trout with minnows does not sound to good either. I am going to make enchiladas tonight instead.(-:

lisa said...

Penny must be doing some "R&D" for the new "Calla Kibble"...it's all the rage! ;-) I'm glad you're getting so much rain. Your garden will be extra lush this year I bet.