Coastal vignettes, February edition

Half Moon Bay, Calif.









Christopher C. NC said...

You can't fool me. I know that water is ice cold!

It still looks kind of brown too. Have things not greened up yet? Other wise it still looks like a great way to spend a day.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

You always have such nice photography. What is your secret, besides living somewhere so photogenic?

chuck b. said...

Don't destroy the dream!

chuck b. said...

First of all, it's the camera. The Canon PowerShot is THE WORLD'S BEST CAMERA.

And I always use it set on "foliage" because it has the best colors.

Also, use the vari-angle LCD to compose your shot, not the thing you're supposed to look through with your eye, which is ridiculous.

Finally, take a few pictures of everything. That way you usually one that's clearly the best.

Taking pictures at the ocean is very difficult. It's hard to get the horizon line flat without a tripod. That's always the hardest thing to do, even away from the ocean--trying to eliminate tilt, or the perception of tilt, or decide how the frame should be tilted if tilt cannot be avoided.

Phillip Oliver said...

Great photos - it looks so sunny and warm there.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

We're looking for a new camera now. I had already heard good things about the Canon. I am also realizing I need a tripod.

Anonymous said...

I never get the horizon line flat anywhere, but I just fix it later with the Gimp. And I fix everything else about my photos with the Gimp, too. I'd never dare to post the original versions; the colors and composition are always terrible in the originals.

Philip Bewley said...

Spectacular photos! I do hope it rains soon.

Anonymous said...

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lisa said...

Beautiful!! I could learn to be a city girl in a place like that...almost. :)