Bob Wilkins, RIP

Okay, this post really has nothing to do with gardening.

I just learned that local television personality Bob Wilkins has died from Alzheimer's Disease. He was 76 years old.

Anyone who lived in the Bay Area during the 1970s will remember Bob Wilkins as the host of the late night B-movie horror program, Creature Features. Even though the show was on too late for me to watch, I was aware of it and somehow got the idea that monsters came out on Saturday night. Like, if you were going to get attacked by zombies, or bit by a vampire, it would happen to you on Saturday night. Donnie and Marie had Friday nights, but Saturday nights belonged to monsters. It all made sense.

As Creature Features was on too late for me to actually watch, I remember Mr. Wilkins from the other program he hosted, Captain Cosmic. CC came on every day at 4, and woe unto you if you came between me and the television between 4 and 4:30. The show featured Japanese sci-fi serials like Space Giants, Ultraman, and Thunderbirds--kids shows unlike anything else at the time. This was right after the fist Star Wars movie came out when I was 8 years old.

I was devoted obsessed with Captain Cosmic.

I could go on about my childhood fondness for monsters and science fiction for hours, and maybe I will later, but right now I have other things to do. Godspeed, Bob Wilkins. Thank you for being such a big part of my childhood imagination.

More gardening soon!


lisa said...

What a nice tribute...we had a show like that on Saturday nights too, ironically called Creature Feature. Isn't it fun to revisit memories like that, even on a somber occasion? I have some Twilight Zone and Night Gallery shows at home on DVD, now I want to watch them again!

Philip Bewley said...

Of course, Creature features, There was a song that went with the program, too. That does bring back memories!

erik hogstrom said...

Bob Wilkins, Creature Features and Captain Cosmic all left lasting impressions on me.

Michelle said...

I read Bob Wilkins and Creature Features immediately popped into my head! That's a blast from the past. Sorry he's gone.