The new camera

hath arrived! Actually, I had to go get it because FedEx couldn't find the delivery address. No problem-o. It can be hard to find your way around a university campus.

This camera has more complex shooting features that I have yet to master, but other than that it's what I used to have, but better.

I took a short walk over to the Garden for the Environment a few blocks away.



It's a crisp 50 deg F. Supposed to get colder and rain this weekend. Yay, rain!




The seeds are from the Japanese anenome hybrids. I wonder if anything grows from the seed.


Do you grow fava beans in the winter?


I'm trying too, but they don't get much light.


This is what my hair looked like in college.





Some doorways in the neighborhood.






Have I put up exactly these pictures before, or what?


San Francisco must all start to blur together for you.






Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, indeed. Nice photos, Chuck! Very crisp. Looks like macro works well. Camera model? I need a new one...maybe ebay santa can get me one..

chuck b. said...

It's a Canon PowerShot A650IS. Very easy to use and i think it's the best camera. The model is discontinued but you can still find it for sale. Also, I bought a "refurbished" model for significantly less money than a new model.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck, hooray for the new camera. I can tell you are so happy and having so much fun. Even the photos look happy. I love the Canon, so user friendly. Wonderful photos, imagine what you can do when you read the owner's manual! HA

Brent said...

I have a refurbished Canon too. Powershot SD1000. I don't know if that's high end of the low end of the range, but it's tons better than my old Samsung.

weeder1 said...

Fabulous photos as usual! They DO seem crisper. Thanks for another fun walk around SF. I never get tired of your very interesting blog.

Taddie Tales said...

Hi - I've been a looky loo for quite awhile now and none of it's a blur yet. PLEASE keep the SFO pics coming - especially of the neighborhoods. I LOVE your blog! Envious of all you can grow - all I have at the moment (and for the next 3 months) is a blanket of white.

Congrats on the new camera!

Jon said...

Chuck, great shots from your new camera! I like how sharp and crisp they are.I admit that I always...seriously...always..learnsomething new each time I visit your blog. Thanks for the info on your new camera since I am browsing around trying to decide on a new one myself. There are so many makes and models to choose from that I am absolutely bewildered. Did you buy it online? Extra lenses purchased? I am too full of questions...'scuse my curiosity if I seem like a "Nosey Parker" as the Brits say.

Jon at Mississippi Garden

Delphine said...

i like when you walk in SF with your camera. New or old, doesn't matter, YOU are a great photographer !
I'm still your french fan club.

chuck b. said...

Thanks everyone, it's always nice to see you all. Welcome to new people.

Jon, I got this camera on Ebay. I would usually buy electronics online from one of the major retail vendors like amazon, Best Buy, or Circuit City. But this model was discontinued so noone was selling it and I had to be more daring.

I first learned about the Canon Powershot line a few years ago from reading an article in the New York Times describing the best cameras under $300.

I'm personally committed to Canon's A series because many of them have a variable angle LCD so I can compose pictures while holding the camera over my head, or putting it on the ground, or be very discreet and take pictures without drawing attention to myself. Other people don't seem to appreciate this feature as much as I do. Not sure why.

The online vendors I listed all have search tools to help you zero in on your price range and other key considerations, and all of them have lots of customer reviews.

I don't buy extra lenses or any components except for the biggest memory card that I can afford and the camera case which is essential to protect your camera from dust and other damage. I don't consider myself a real photographer. I take simple snapshots and pick the best.

I don't like all the super-beautiful, highly refined, very equisite digital photography people do these days. It's too technical and rigid and I feel the images often lack vitality.

CiNdEe's GaRdEn said...

Wow you are so lucky!! Merry Christmas early to you(-: The pictures are just beautiful! They are so clear and colorful!!! I bet you are going to be having a great time taking pictures now!!!

JvA said...


What's the tree in the second-to-last shot?

chuck b. said...

I'm pretty sure it's some kind of magnolia. I'll have to walk by it again to be sure.

Phillip Oliver said...

The photos look great. I've got a new lens on the way and can't wait. I've been slow to catch on to digital photography. I still like my old 35mm.

Christopher C. NC said...

New toy, what fun. The main thing I think is that you are satisfied with the picture quality. Most of these cameras have way more power and function than we will ever use.

As for touring SF. For me it is like going to Mars. It is so foreign, depite having been there several times. How could it get dull.

steelystyle said...

Aah! Super sexy new crispness. I'm not sure if it was rumors of a new camera in my holiday future or the frosty cold it was exposed to this morning, but my old faithful just bit it. Thinking of keeping it anyway for the strange and unpredictable effects...

lisa said...

Yay for new camera! Personally, I never get tired of your SF pics, and I'd love to see an image of your college hair! :)

Jenn said...

San Fransisco is always a treat. Don't be afraid of double posting views, they are never quite the same from day to day...

Anonymous said...

I always love your tours. Congrats on the new camera. The pics look really good. I have a Powershot too and couldn't live without the variable angle LCD.