The first big fall rainstorm is always news here.

"Blustery winds and pounding surf Thursday announced the arrival of a series of low pressure troughs off the Northern California coast, bringing with them the threat of showers and the possibility of the first significant snows to the Sierra Nevada ski resorts." Link.

It's fine to snow somewhere else, but the rain is a threat. It's not the promise of rain. It's not the gift of rain. No, the rain is going to assault us. It's harrassment. Someone should sue the rain.

That's California for you.


Brent said...

I'm looking forward to our 20% chance of rain. I always enjoy the first rain of the year.

It's also my signal that I need to start my seeds and start thinking of big red wines and braised meats.

Jon said...

It is such a treat for me to sneak back online for a while to post a few things and to visit your interesting blog once again.
(Neat and cool video clips for sure!) Thanks for your comment and kind words on my blog while I was off on medical leave.

Jon at Mississippi Garden on 11-1-8