Bloom Day?

It's Bloom Day, and I took some pictures of what's blooming in my garden before I went to work this morning, but now my camera isn't working. "Memory Card Error". It can't seem to fix it, and it seems unlikely that I will be able to fix it before the sun goes down on Bloom Day. Sigh.

Should I use picutres that you've already seen? Tacky!

Should I try to communicate with words instead of pictures? Hard!


I need a drink.

What should Chuck do?
Use old pictures. (Tacky is the new fabulous.)
Use old pictures. (Noone pays enough attention to know the pictures are "used".)
Use words (Try to.)
Use words (But I'm not going to read them anyway.)
It's okay to miss a Bloom Day (even if it ruins an othrewise perfect attendance record.)
You need to get another camera before the sun goes down. Go. Now!
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Christopher C. NC said...

Have two drinks then go get a new camera. Now!

lisa said...

Heh, I voted new camera too...but I also think tacky is the new fabulous! ;-)