Dodging the bullet

That's what we did this weekend.

Penny, our one-year-old kitten, started vomiting on Friday. By Saturday we were in the emergency room for x-rays and blood-work. Yesterday we were back for an ultrasound and emergency surgery. To remove this from her small intestine.


A frayed inch of drawstring from Guy's swimming trunks. Unbelievable.

She stayed at the hospital for observation and recovery. They might discharge her today. We feel simultaneously fortunate and broke.

Hopefully she'll be feeling like her old self soon. Here she is quite entranced with the kitchen faucet set to drip. She's fearless about water. She even gets in the shower with us sometimes.

Here's another one that features Patty, too. You can see why we have our hands full.


gintoino said...

Thank God you (and your vet) got that on time. Cat's can eat the strangest things some times and if they are not removed (some times its difficult to diagnose) they can get in very big trouble. I hope she is feeling better and will be home soon.

Frances, said...

Poor Miss Penny, I'll bet Patty missed her too. Hope all turns out fine. You did the right thing taking her to the vet, broke or not.

Christopher C. NC said...

Good save. Bummer though. Miss Penny has quite the sleek coat. I'm sure she'll be fine. My vet once told me when my kitties got some horrible flesh eating disease from cat fights that you could throw all the parts of a cat in a room and they would reassemble.

Another cat I had was shot by a wretched neighbor. The pellet was in the digestive tract somewhere and he had similar expensive surgery and was fine, till the wretched neighbor trapped him and did who knows what with him. Much drama followed, but that is a story for another day.

chuck b. said...

Thank you all for the good wishes.

Christopher, what a wretched neighbor indeed.

Frances, interesting about Patty... She had a very strong negative olfactory reaction to the vet smells Penny came home with on Saturday. We're trying various things to make neutralize the smells, and her reactions to them.

Apparently, this is a common enough occurrence with cats that you can read about it here, http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?cls=1&cat=1310&articleid=1128

chuck b. said...

Oh, yeah. Penny came home tonight. She is confined to the bathroom (her safe room) for up to 10 days for the duration of her recovery. She seems very active and alert despite having a huge surgical incision up and down the length of her abdomen. She also has a fentanyl patch (an opioid drug, for pain) on her back foot which is quite impressive.

Guy is upstairs re-bonding with her now. My turn is later.

lisa said...

I'm glad Penny is okay! Amazing what cats will find tasty enough to swallow, and yet turn their noses up at actual FOOD that you'd think they like! (Grilled ham scraps, for instance!)