You think you've got problems?

Germi's got dog vomit slime mold.


Annie in Austin said...

A few years ago we had lots of that dog-vomit stuff - it sort of foamed out when we started pulling up the black plastic landscape cloth that was around all the trees and shrubs; it disappeared once all the black cloth was gone and we haven't seen it since.


Frances, said...

In Houston the mulch guy told us it was cat vomit fungus.

中島 彰信 said...

I live in Usa city in the south of Japan.I lived in San Francisco for about 3 months 33 years ago. I'd like to go again. California is dry, so the kind is different from a plant of your picture and a humid Japanese plant.Please see my blog.

lisa said...

Hey! I've got that stuff too! It's growing out the top of my black composting bin...and now I know what it is...thank you! Edible, huh? Hmmm....I may just try it. (Heh, with poison control on speed dial, of course! :)