Wednesday morning garden








Phacelia tanacetifolia







Joseph's Coat






Les said...

So very lush!

Christopher C. NC said...

Very meadowesque. You'ld fit right in, here in the hills and hollers.

Frances, said...

The morning light shows your garden to be a blooming wonderland. The foxgloves are really putting on a show, good job with the seed raising. What is that incredible iris? Those colors are the most beautiful I have ever seen.

chuck b. said...

Les, "Lush" is an adjective I'm hearing a lot of these days, and it doesn't seem to have anything to do with my drinking.

Christopher, "Meadowesque" is a new one, but there is definitely supposed to be a meadow in the center of the garden.

Frances, that's a Pacific Coast hybrid iris ('PCH'); a hybrid whose parents may be any of the seven species that grow near the coast from California to Oregon. This particular one may have a name, but I don't know it. I call it 'the Victorian'. It's been very generous with the flowers this year cranking out one after another, and forming a nice clump. I plan to divide it in the fall. Would you like a piece of rhizome? They grow in dappled sunlight and should be hardy down to 10 deg F.

Phillip Oliver said...

So sunny, lush and colorful. I love it. That is an incredible looking iris!

Brent said...

I particularly like the last photo with your Echium reaching out like a tentacled space alien from a B movie.

Your Digitalis is impressive too. I think I've already put it on a planning list for next year, thanks to some of your earlier postings.

lisa said...

Wow, that foxglove is outta sight! I didn't realize the blooms fade out to light pink so nicely...now I can't wait for mine to grow up already!

Anonymous said...

Did you have your coffee in one hand while taking those garden shots? Love'em.

Frances, said...

Hi Chuck, I would love a piece of the iris. Our minimun temp is supposed to be 10 degrees, but maybe I would want to bring it into an unheated space that stayed above freezing? Let me know when the right time is and I will send you my address. A million thanks, and anything I have you might be interested in growing? Say it and it's yours. ;->

Unknown said...

I really love the last picture, with the echium hanging out on the right side. Gives you a nice sense of its imposing scale. :)

Anonymous said...

What a treat for the eyes! Thank you for the great photos and for sharing your beautiful garden!

Randy said...

Well! I see everyone beat me to the comments on that gorgeous iris! Love the pictures Chuck, your garden is flawless.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Oh, baby, that Poppy is a jaw-dropper!