Tree ID help

Do you know what tree this is? The quick picture I got of it isn't enough for me to ID it properly. Can you?

This is the largest picture I can post, but you can click for an even larger one.


ADDED: Emma writes:
Looks like a Trident Maple, Acer buergerianum. I can't believe I
knew that!


I see them in nurseries all the time now.

2nd ADDED: Link, Link, Link.

3rd ADDED: But how do we pronounce buergerianum?


chuck b. said...
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chuck b. said...

I see in one place the leaves are opposite. Acer something?

chuck b. said...

Ficus carica? I feel like that's not right. I would have ID'd that right away.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chuck,

As you posted in such a timely manner, I think it's a Trident Maple. They have a nice shape and I think you could keep them smallish. Well, duh Emma, they are used for bonsai.


chuck b. said...

If I ignore the first 'e', it's burger-i-a-num. Easy enough, I guess. Now I wonder who was Buerger.

Anonymous said...

It is very lush looking! Don't you love 'spring green'!

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...


mmw said...

Duh, just pronounce "ue" like "ü"!

Sorry. like this.

chuck b. said...

Well, unlike some people, I speak American. Burger Maple it is.