An oval next to a circle.

"The door is fine on its own, but the oval next to the circle freaks me out."



Frances, said...

The door should have the square grid window at the top, set of three, to tie into the square in the middle of the cool circle window.

Christopher C. NC said...

Way back when he bought that house and was mulling over remodeling options I made some comment about removing that round window. It is so Wizard of Oz.

My short term memory is shot, a genetic affliction, so I don't recall exactly what I suggested. It is archived though.

Anonymous said...

I think it's because it takes on the aspect of a face, or perhaps because the symmetry is so skewed. I do like the tulips.

lisa said...

Yea, it's kinda too much window or something. I think a solid door would look nice, then the smaller round window would seem to serve a purpose. Otherwise it's too redundant. (Says the girl with no knowlege of design! ;-)