A mystery, solved.

UC Berkeley experts investigating why millions of trees in California have fallen victim to sudden oak death have figured out where the infestation began: Mount Tamalpais and Santa Cruz.

Scientists also now think the killer organism, which they suspect rode in on nonnative nursery plants, eventually was carried by humans to the two ground zero zones.

It must be acknowledged that for all the good gardeners do, we also bring in diseases and weeds.

Not to mention all the "gardeners" who still use copious amounts of pesticides and fertilizers. Is that even considered gardening anymore? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...


I use Miracle Grow.

Am I a bad man?

chuck b. said...

I use it once in awhile too. But just once in awhile, and diluted half-strength. I don't think it's the very worst thing in the world, but Miracle Gro is a short term solution with long-term consequences if used heavily over a long time. That's my sense of it anyway.

lisa said...

This evil organism sounds very scary, especially since they aren't able to fight it well. Heh...I'm a casual user of Miracle Grow too. But only on my houseplants, only once in awhile, and I can quit any time. Really.