In which I get blogged

Julie from Mid Beacon Hill and her husband Arthur came to visit for a couple days. Of course she visited my garden and we made a few excursions out of Bernal Heights. This was my first meeting ever with another blogger, and the first time since the 1990s that I've met anyone from the Internet. I wish they'd stayed longer so we could have done more stuff together.

(I will supplement Julie's pictures with some of my own, once I get around to it--hopefully soon.)


Anonymous said...

It was nice to see your garden through another's eyes (camera). Does it feel weird to be blogged about?

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing your garden as photographed by another. I was going to have someone photograph mine, just so I can see its weak spots through someone else's lens. As I prepare for our garden walk, I thought that might be a good way of seeing my garden in someone else's eyes.

What do you like or don't like in Julie's gorgeous photos?

mmw said...

It's about time for more Echium pics!

Frances, said...

It looks like another garden, such different angles than you choose to shoot. And yes to more echium pics. What a plant. We are so jealous.

JvA said...

I noticed that one of the photos, a closeup of the poppies, is exactly the same as one that Chuck himself took on 4/15.

The garden looks way better in person than in the pictures. The light/shadow contrast, which looked cool in real life, is too stark for a lot of the pictures. Anyway.

The inside of the house is really incredible. Not at all ostentatious, but beautifully planned and executed. It's kind of like a house out of one of those cool interiors magazines, except warmer, with a four- (five-?) story kitty house in the living room.

Anyway, everything feels very solid. Apparently Guy chose the finishes and the fixtures. Nice work, Guy.

And they're both super laid-back and cool, just as you'd expect. Cute and tall too.

chuck b. said...

I plan to answer all these questions and satisfy all these demands in an upcoming blog post.

lisa said...

Ah take your time, Chuck...enjoying real life takes precedent over blogging I say! ;-) I agree though-interesting and fun to see someone else's perspective on your cool garden, and echium...wow.

Annie in Austin said...

Just the general being blogged about that happened at Spring Fling felt odd to me - but you've always documented so much of your life and neighborhood that it probably was no big deal to you, Chuck, right?

My Fling visitors had decided ahead of time not to take photos or blog about it. Of course it was easier to abstain at my house - who could resist taking photos at your personal Pacific botanic garden ;-]

I'm glad you had fun!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose