Some wildflowers seen today on Bernal Hill

You can read about my neighborhood, Bernal Heights, here.

You can read about Bernal Hill's 2005 wildflower show, here.

While running errands today, I stopped for a quick walk around the hilltop to see what's in bloom, if anything. Last time, we saw Ranunculus Californicus and Sanicula acrtopoides (thanks to Garden of La Mancha for the ID).

We still have those.


A little bit of lupine.


Our own endemic Zigadenus?


Two views of Triteleia



Some Iris.




Lots of plantago.



And, I'm very happy to say, Dodecatheon. I couldn't decide which picture to use.





Not bad for early March in the middle of San Francisco, eh?

Also today, this hawk. Usually they fly too high for me to get pictures of, but this one was hunting low.


People stopped in their tracks to watch it.


I got a few shots before he dove, and then flew away.


Hopefully he found some gophers to eat so we'll have some fritillaries and lilies to look at in a few weeks!


gintoino said...

It's always so nice to see what blooms in other parts of the world. That Dodecatheon is just beautiful (I had never seen it). Thank you for sharing it with us. Here in Southern Portugal its wild peony season. I have a few photos in my blog, if you want to see them.

Frances, said...

Well now you can't say you don't have fun with birds! Great shots of a gorgeous creature. Thanks for all the wildflowers also.

Frances at Faire Garden

Anonymous said...

Nice shot of an adult Red-tailed Hawk hunting. Though the 'redness' of the tail is a bit washed out due to backlighting, you can still see that it is NOT an immature bird (would have a strongly barred tail). Key field mark to ID Red-tailed Hawk is that dark bar (called a patagial bar) on the leading edge of the underside of the wing that extends from the body to the'wrist'.

Ed Pandolfino

Brent said...

My Dodecatheon seed hasn't even spouted yet. It's good to see that it's going strong near you.

Gardener of La Mancha said...

It seems miraculous to see these kind of wildflowers and this plant community still intact in San Francisco. You are lucky to live nearby.

chuck b. said...

GOLM, I know--it's amazing. The librarian at the Botanical Garden and her husband are big Bernal Hill preservationists. I need to hook up with their group on "weeding day".

Brent, I bought a Dodecatheon recently, and it's dormant. Maybe next month. Or next year.

Ed--thanks for sharing the wisdom! I figured it was a red-tail because they are common in San Francisco's open spaces, relatively speaking. I'm trying to learn more about birds this year. We have a pair of barn owls on Bernal Hill too, but I've never seen them.

Frances, Gintonio--you are very welcome. I enjoyed seeing that Portugese wild peony on your blog! I thought peonies came from China or some place like that.

Christopher C. NC said...

Love the Red Tailed Hawk pics.

I am pretty certain that I have been seeing the first sprouts of the Sisyrinchium up here. I think it would prefer more sun than it gets, but it still grows, spreads and blooms.

chuck b. said...

Yeah, Sisyrinchium are Iridaceae, and like wild irises, will grow and spread in shade. But flower more in sun.

lisa said...

Wow, I've never seen purple Dodecatheon...just my white and a red version that I want. Love the hawk pictures, too!

Grandma Ann said...

Great hawk pictures! I love the wildflowers, too. Your blog makes me yearn to return to the north...