random garden picture of the day.



gintoino said...

Great picture!

Christopher C. NC said...

Well what is it? It's not like you to not tell us the proper name of some exotic California cutie in your garden. It looks a bit like a poppy.

chuck b. said...

Oh, it's nothing. They sell these little anenomes as shriveled up tubers at the nurseries for $.40 a piece in the summer and fall. They don't even come with a botanical name as far as I know. I've tried them three years in a row (because they're only $.40/piece), and this is the first year they've come up.

You can also get them in white, magenta, or...um, some other color.

The green is a Ribes sanguineum, leafing out.

Annie in Austin said...

Nothing, Chuck?? A gorgeous blue flower is nothing??

It looks a lot like the Anemone coronaria "Harmony Blue' that Lost Roses had on her blog last year.

I have a few anemones coming up but only a hot pink color so far.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

chuck b. said...

Wow--you're right, Annie! Total loss of perspective on my part. It is a gorgeous flower. And it's not like I'm sick and tired of seeing those this time of year.

Thank you for pointing to an identification. The bin just said "Anenome, $.40". So, I figured they were kind of trivial insofar as far as value goes. I should be ecstatic to have gotten something so nice for so little!

lisa said...

That's 40 cents well spent!

Jon said...

Great photo and a particularly beautiful shade of blue. Your forty cent investment certainly paid off! I enjoyed visiting your blog very much.
Jon on 3-3-08 at http://mississippigarden.blogspot.com