I won't be able to do this

and chances are you won't either, but:
Whether you want to take garden pictures for the pleasure of it or need to document your landscape work, this class will teach you what you need to know. David Goldberg, an award-winning landscape & garden photographer, has been teaching this class through UC Berkeley Extension for ten years.

The class will meet on ten Saturday mornings, 10AM to 1PM, from March 29th through May 31st. Classroom sessions will be at the Extension San Francisco campus, 95 Third Street, 1/2 block from the Museum of Modern Art. (Validated parking is available at the Hearst Garage next door.)

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Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hi Chuck,
Thanks for the link and the heads up about the class.
I've been lusting to take a really good garden photography class for awhile so I had to check this guys website out.
Gotta say , I was left uninspired by his work depicted on the website.
When I think of excellent horticultural photography I want to see the absolute beautiful character of natural light.
This guys photographs were as flat as a 12 year old ballerina.
He also advertises in his course outline how to teach 'photo staging', and his examples of staging a garden photograph were pretty darn average if not totally luck luster and boring.

I think I will wait until Saxon Holt or Marion Brenner or maybe even Lee Anne White offers a photography class.
Now those 3 are class act garden photographers !

Thanks for the link though, Much Appreciated.
just not the quality there for the dough.


chuck b. said...

I kinda felt that way too, but I knew I wouldn't be taking the class, so I didn't poke around too much. I'm always on the fence about whether I want to spend more time taking better pictures or sticking with snapshots.

The Botanical Garden should offer some photography classes. They have good light there, and lots of plant matter to work with.

Anonymous said...

Is that a "hint hint" I hear?

We did a digital photography class here last summer, but I heard that they didn't do much shooting in the Garden. Why? I don't know.

I've been trying to convince Fred that we need to get Julie Jaycox to teach a class - she had a show in the library about a year and a half ago that I loved. I think she's game, we just need to follow up with her. I think an evening class in the summer would be awesome, so the class participants could go into the garden after the gates are locked, but when there is still a couple hours of daylight.

JvA said...

I wonder what awards he's won. That dude doesn't know the first thing about photo composition.

lisa said...

While I have no aversion to learning and don't consider myself an expert at anything, I tend to find a lot of photographers to be like horse people: too many self-proclaimed experts that don't know shit, and the actual experts are too hard to get personal audience with. Fortunately I derive enough pleasure from my "hit-or-miss" approach. :)