The Grew In Sprint, Part V

Here's some more Acacia baileyana, as I promised. My camera did not capture even half the visual splendor of this tree when I walked by it today. It was mesmerizing.




Okay, enough.




I like strawberry pots, especially ones with lots of little planting spots.



Some white-flowering variety of Ribes sanguineum poking out from under some ivy.


This is a late-winter flowering western native currant. If you like having witch hazel in your east coast garden, you might like to have this in your west coast garden. Usually, the flowers are pink. I have a few in my garden, and none of them have flowers yet. Sigh.


More Acanthus mollis. This plant thrives everywhere in the City on winter rains alone.


This house looks like it could be a variation on my house. I haven't noticed a lot of them on the north side of Bernal Hill (I live on the south side).


And this house's garden has some of the same succulents I have in my house's garden. Heh.



The hill that blocks view, as the sign in the Agave warns.


I would call this an unusual variegation pattern for Agave americana. Yes? No? Usually it's more clearly banded.


When I was a kid, I really liked this style! The City recent passed a law requiring everyone to hide their garbage cans from the street view. It'll be awhile before it gets across.



The grocery store often has art from the neighborhood elementary school in the windows.


I tried to superimpose my reflected face in this one.


Link to Part IV.

Link to Part I.


Christopher C. NC said...

So did the folks with the Acacia tree at the top know you were coming and clean the sidewalk and road of all the Acacia flower fuzz for that perfect picture or did you do that?

I sure hope I can grow the Acanthus here. I saw some at the Belleview Botanical Garden in Seattle that was just gorgeous. A. hungaricus I believe.

chuck b. said...

I think that Acacia must be at the peak of its bloom *today*. After this, especially with the new rains, there will be fuzz. And then, TONS of little seeds. Those trees drop unbelievable volumes of seed. Well, I'm sure you would believe it. It's almost a slipping hazard.

Unknown said...

I love that agave with the streaking! You're right, the variegation usually is more bold (at least on the ones I've seen in catalogs) but I really like the subtleness of this one.

By the way, nice pic of you in the window. I dig the umbrella with the dogs and umbrellas on it.

chuck b. said...

I think we got that umbrella when we donated to the SPCA or something during Hurricane Katrina.

Weeping Sore said...

Your post provided a lovely diversion from the gloomy weather outside my window this morning. Who knew there was so much yellow in the world?

Brent said...

I like your photo tours.

I think you're right about the ID on that Lavatera in your previous blog.

Anonymous said...

I certainly enjoy the pictures of your neighborhood. I have never been west of the Mississippi, but I always imagined S.F. to be very colorful, but not from such varied flora. The vistas and hills are something too, it is flat like pancake here, you have to go inland 60 miles just to see a decent hill. Are you sure that Acacia is real? Thanks!

Tira said...

I enjoyed these series of posts tremendously. The Acacias are splendid-I assume fragrant, too. I have a couple Acacia saplings I grew from seed.
The rosette shaped succulents are also nice-I will try to get some of those when I visit SF.
The agave markings struck me as unusual and lovely. And I also love the funky topiary and bougainvillea. That shape is not so uncommon here, but of course it takes years to get a bougainvillea like that.

Anonymous said...

Holy Acacia!

It makes my eyes water and my nose run by just looking at your pictures. I know acacia's aren't the cause of many people's allergies, but if it's going off, other trees are probably pumping out the pollen too.

J washed his car on Monday... 5 minutes after he was finished the car had a golden glow - presumably from the acacias. He was not amused. Whatever... the rain on Tuesday essentially negated his Monday efforts anyway.

lisa said...

Holy yellow, Batman!