San Francisco: Still Wild at Heart

(I know most people visit this blog from far-flung locations, but if you're in San Francisco or the Bay Area, or you have an interest in California wildlife or wildlife and the urban environment in general, this post is for you.)

Inspired by the coyote that appeared in our neighborhood park a few years ago, a woman named Melissa Peabody (who happens to have a plot in my community garden) made this astonishing 55-minute natural history film, San Francisco: Still Wild at Heart. I got my copy last month and I showed it to my family at Christmas. They all loved it. Now I show it to everyone who comes over.

I've been waiting to see some press about the film so I can link to it, but I haven't seen any, so I'll just link here and quote:
This original and entertaining film chronicles the return of coyotes to our urban landscape. We learn from scientists what impact to expect on our city's ecosystem, how to coexist with coyotes safely, and how they and other wild creatures survive and thrive in the challenging habitat of the modern American city.

This one-hour natural history film is a tribute to these wild lives, and the city parklands that support them. And it celebrates their unique value and importance to our urban communities.
In fact, there is so much more going on in this film. (And it's not just about coyotes.)

Besides the beautiful footage of San Francisco, of which there is plenty, Peabody interviews scientists, ranchers, environmentalists, and agents of city government--all of whom have many interesting things to say about living with coyotes. I was especially interested to learn that decades-old federal hunting programs coincide with explosive growth in coyote populations, and possibly why. Peabody even goes to Chicago, which has a large population of urban coyotes, to interview an expert there. (So if you live in or near Chicago, this film is for you too!)

If Still Wild at Heart gets some kind of national or online distribution, I'll mention it. In the meantime, it's the film everyone is talking about! :)

I've seen the DVD for sale in stores in my neighborhood, but you can get a copy directly from the film maker herself. Contact Melissa Peabody at mpeabody at pacbell dot net for details. I believe the cost is about $20, plus S&H.


Gloria said...

I live in Chicago and spend time gardening on the lakefront so I have seen the urban coyotes. They make the news here a couple of times a year. I have always thought that the continuous park land along the lake has been largely responsible. It would be good to know more about that.
The Mr and I were in San Franciso last January/February for a visit. We did a lot of walking everyday.What a great place.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I have the suburban version of the coyotes. Sometimes at night I'll hear them yipping. They usually hang out at the close-by forest preserve, but I've seen 1 trotting down my street. I like them. They eat rabbits. Of course I would never leave a small dog outside unattended, if I had 1.