Blog of the Flower and Garden Show

Two west coast Flower and Garden Show's have blogs for the first time this year: San Francisco and Seattle.

Currently, both blogs feature general gardening information. As I understand it, the blogs will become more about the Shows themselves as the Show dates draw nearer.

Maybe we'll get some designer profiles and interviews to whet our appetites... In the meantime, you can read about the San Francisco show's display gardens here.

I know I can't wait to see the Derviss + Chavez garden, Sanitas per aquas!

I did a quick Google search for other F&G Shows to see if they have blogs too, but I didn't find anything. You might want to look up your own local F&G show to see if it has a blog worth following, or just to see what the display gardens have to offer.


JvA said...

I'm going to go to the Seattle one for the first time this year. Looking forward to it!

BTW, the spouse said yes to staying with you guys in April. (Actually, his response was "Kitties!")

Does a Saturday and Sunday night stay sound good? We promise to leave quickly and quietly on the Monday morning.

chuck b. said...

Cool--I'm looking forward to it! Think about what you want to do on Sunday.

chuck b. said...

P.S. My cell phone is still missing. I'm going to buy a new one on Friday or Saturday. Or maybe Monday.

Deviant Deziner, aka Michelle said...

Hi Chuck,
Thanks for providing a link to my blog and website.
I am really looking forward to the show this coming year.
I have had a chance to speak to some of the other exhibitors and I feel it is going to be an innovative year.
Of course there will be some duds but I believe that there will be less than in the recent past few years.

I am especially looking forward to the installation by Studio Replica, Huettl Landscape Architects and Building REsources and as always my fellow Hortisexual, Davis Dalbok who is working in collaboration with Garden Design Magazine and Mike Boss Construction ( Rose and Rose Constr. )

I'm sure that there is going to be something there for everyone to get inspired about their own gardens.

One of the nice nods to the Green Movement is that the Botanical Garden is going to give validation to a garden that they feel has gone the extra mile and considered sustainable materials and approaches in constructing and designing their exhibits.

I think that this is a good thing.
Most of the professional designers and contractors don't give the awards much attention but the public likes to see who won what award, and so having a Green Environmental Sustainable Award of Recognition will be another way to consciously inform and educate the public.

See you around the blog and at the show.


lisa said...

Great idea! I haven't done enough local exploring when it comes to the shows and gardens. When I see the Green Bay Home and Garden Expo ads on TV, it just looks like a bunch of lawnmowers and replacement windows. I bet Chicago's show would be the shit! Maybe next year...I already burned through my after Christmas descretionary fund for Marilyn Manson tickets next month. Oh well, I know THAT will be an innovative and colorful show for sure!

Tira said...

Thanks for the link to the Garden and Flower show, which in turn had many great links. I will be visiting my friends in SF in late April, so I am a bit disappointed I will miss the show, but I will try to visit a botanical garden and a nursery, then. I'll also try to tote down as many succulent cuttings as possible. LOL. Last time my cuttings rooted but then died-maybe they are accustomed to moisture in SF and needed more water?

chuck b. said...

They do like water. But they're drought tolerant. Some don't want full sun and do better with a little shade.